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Best-in-class Direct to Rep and Practitioner Sampling Solutions

For over 30 years, life science manufacturers have chosen to partner with us for their commercial sample distribution needs because of our logistics expertise and track record of performance delivering to representatives in the field or directly to healthcare practitioners.

What qualifies us as a Life Sciences Logistics Expert?

Efficiency -- We examine your distribution data and design a solution that maximizes representative time in territory while delivering cost efficiencies 

Partner -- We collaborate to provide solutions that optimize quality, service and cost while delivering unmatched performance results 

Security -- We understand what it takes to protect and preserve your pharmaceutical products 

Quality/Compliance -- Our Quality Management System is ‘manufacturer’s-grade’ and is specific to the Life Science industry

We are the industry leader for the delivery of sample send materials direct to practitioners and to pharmaceutical representatives, managing the largest sample send programs in North America. We facilitate over 14,000 daily life science shipments, including DEA controlled substances and cold chain product, and have managed over 3 million annual Direct to Practitioner shipments with over 53 million individual product units picked. 

We provide impeccable quality standards and an industry leading service to satisfy and protect our clients and their patients, regularly delivering a service that exceeds expectations: 

Our processes are optimized to reflect best practice standards that we share with our clients to streamline implementation, and to maximize quality and compliance. We offer standardized templates for Sample Request Forms, data exchange file layouts and Representative / Practitioner alerts and correspondence. Orders are validated against a comprehensive list of configurable rules. Our client web portal provides convenient access and end-to-end visibility to in-process orders and operational reports, and our OnTheGo℠ suite of mobile app and web-based services optimize Sales Representative productivity and enhance Practitioner convenience. Because we have a quality and service culture, we continue to refine and perfect these solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Case Studies: Direct to Representative Sample Distribution Services

Over 1,700 sales representatives were losing valuable time in territory while waiting for sample deliveries. At the same time, the pharmaceutical manufacturer was experiencing excessive reportable losses and product returns. Learn how an optimized distribution process introduced significant efficiencies and improved regulatory compliance.

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