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Our global quality-approved suppliers

As a non-asset based carrier, our clients benefit from the flexibility, capacity and buying power we can offer by engaging the resources of our network providers.

Given the regulatory environment of the industries we serve, our providers are subjected to a strict vetting process to ensure shipment security and integrity is their top priority. This qualification program is adapted from the FDA and US Pharmacopeia standards, includes a 50+ point audit of equipment and facilities, and is conducted under the oversight of our Quality & Compliance team. Life Science shipments are restricted to approved carriers who have been confirmed to have documented standard operating procedures (SOPs), formally documented quality systems and maintenance management records, and are subjected to a regular re-qualification process to maintain their ‘Preferred’ status.

Our network includes quality vetted providers in over 85 countries and, in the United States we service all states as well as Puerto Rico. To best support our clients' needs while controlling costs we have established relationships with the following service providers: 

In addition to our carrier network, we establish strategic relationships with key product and technology suppliers, and we leverage the capabilities of our Thermo Fisher Scientific colleagues. We provide solutions that optimize quality, service and cost while delivering unmatched performance results. 


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