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When defining their commercialization strategy, manufacturers understand that a one-size-fits-all distribution approach no longer works when it comes to specialty drugs and devices. They require their trade partners to have flexibility to customize fulfillment processes, and to provide cost effective distribution programs that include services such as end-to-end temperature management.

Our trade distribution capabilities coupled with our sample distribution expertise provides a full suite of services to help support our clients product commercialization needs once approved for use.

We specialize in creating distribution models tailored for high risk, high value pharmaceutical products. Whether dealing with prescription drugs or sensitive medical devices, we design a program that specifically meets our clients’ needs. 

Our facilities and their teams of fulfillment experts have the capacity and expertise required to manage the challenges associated with finished goods that require specialized attention from time of receiving through outbound shipment. 

To ensure end-to-end product integrity, our logistics experts will design an optimized transportation plan to manage distribution through final delivery.

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